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Research References

Biological Activity

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Published Scientific Papers

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Commissioned Scientific Papers

1. Daum A, Roche Pharmaceuticals, The influence of Seatone� (RO 49-0282/100), and Fractions of Seatone�, on the Established Adjuvant Arthritis of the Rat.

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Recent Research Not Yet Published

1. Horimitsu Orimh, Michio Fujita, Tomoyuki Omura, Nobuyuki Kirihara (Division of Veterinary Radiology, Nippon Veterinary and Animal Science University) and Kenjiro Shimada. Clinical Effects of the extract of the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel on Dogs and Cats with Joint Diseases. Research was conducted from September 1, 1997 - July 31, 1998 in veterinaries in the Tokyo district.

2. Pollard Brendan, Slacek Brigitte, Ankenbauer-Perkins Kim; Animal Health Services Centre, Massey University, Palmerstown North, New Zealand. Final Report of the Efficacy of Green-Lipped Mussel Extract in the Management of Degenerative Joint Disease in Dogs. Conducted between 4 June 1997 - 12 October 1998.


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